What if?

What ifI wrote this in February 2007 inspired by this advert from Honda. I remembered it yesterday. (I realise I’m supposed to be on a break from blogging.)

If we know how much God loved us would we need anything more?

Would we be stranded by our indifference yet alienated by our cause?

Would we be intoxicated by worldly charms yet remain so unfulfilled?

Would we barely blink at the pain of millions and turn our noses up at the poor?

Would we accessorise the crucifixion instead of making it our core?

We switch channels to ignore the plight of the dying, the used, the abused.

If we know how much God loved us would we walk by our enemy on the floor?

Would we live our lives in secret, with a false façade to who we are?

What if we shrugged off our respectability and refused to conform?

Stood up to be counted joining hands with the poor,

What if we know we were no different, broken to the core?

What if the world around us noticed that we are all losers and freaks?

But that the grace of God is greater than the depths of our grief.

What if the broken world around us provoked us to react?

Towards conciliation not Constantine or compromise.

What if we know God has a plan for us all?

Not just those in full time ministry or missionaries to the poor,

A life for everyone of us, dedicated to his cause,

What if to get to Heaven you had to go through Hell?

If our brokenness and sinfulness was overruled by Imago Dei.

He taught us to walk but we fled from his throne room.

What if our chains of pride were broken?

Our bonds and shackles released?

What if our dreams and fears existed in the same place?

What if everything we ever wanted cost us everything we had ever achieved?

And earthly things meant nothing,

Could not break our resolve,

Could not shake our conviction,

Could not capture our soul,

What if we stepped out believing that God had more for us than this?

A hope for the future,

A better day to come,

A life that is worth living, for the glory of the son.

What if we all began to pray like it was our last day here on earth?

What if we know how much God loved us, would we need anything more?

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