About me

Danny glasses

This is where I think out loud.
You are welcome to eavesdrop.
Mostly It’ll be about faith and failure:
Two well known friends.
These are my personal thoughts.

I work for the Evangelical Alliance as their advocacy programme manager and cover all manner of public issues relating to the church – in particular encouraging Christians to be public leaders. I write various news articles over there as well as the occasional Friday Night Theology column.

I also regularly write for Threads and you can see all my articles here.

You may notice that quite a lot of the articles I write are about relationships. That sort of happened by mistake. I got started with this blog when I read something and wanted to respond and had no where to do so. So I set this up and posted early the next morning. For the next four days I posted on different aspects of relationships and the church and that set the tone. I write about plenty else, and sometimes wish that was not what this blog had became known for. But it is, and I’m aware that it is an issue of great interest.

My mantra is to write about what takes my interest, write about what needs to be said, write about needs to be better understood. I have no regular schedule of posting, sometimes I think that might be the more professional thing to do.

Get in touch with me at danny_webster@outlook.com or @danny_webster

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