Found in The English Churchman: Pop Singer Raps Against Televangelists

Every other Friday at work I get a treat. I get to sit back for a few minutes and browse through the latest issue of The English Churchman. Their website is rather minimalist, but you might find a little bit about them.

Anyway, today produced this gem which I thought was too good not to share. I post it below without any comment, oh no, not even implicitly. (But make sure you get to the end of the 4th paragraph.)

Pop Singer Raps Against Televangelists

20130517-134342.jpg An American pop singer has criticised several well known preachers who appear on American television and at large events because they promise health and wealth to those who part with money to finance their ministries. In general they finance extravagant lifestyles and get nothing in return.

American “Rapper” Shai Linne has criticized the “prosperity gospel”. What is even more surprising is that he has identified popular televangelists like Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Paula White and Benny Hinn as its preachers in his new song “Fal$e Teacher$”.

Linne professes to be a Christian himself and quotes from the Bible against false teachers such as those who preach prosperity.

Rap is a somewhat aggressive sounding type of youth music that has been taken up by some modern churches as a form of evangelism and even perhaps as worship. One imagines that this is encouraged by churches who seek to be contemporary. Presumably they claim that such forms are merely contextual and so are not sinful in themselves. For Christians with a sense of the holiness and majesty of God one would think that such forms would never be accepted.

While we cannot condone rap music, even outside church, one can only hope that the condemnation of false teachers by one such as this will serve as something of a wake up call to those who have been led astray and had their wallets emptied by the televangelists. The next thing is to wake up to the inappropriateness of rap music. 

Taken from The English Churchman, No. 7871, Page 6

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