Viral Vicar: relevancy, participation and leadership

Once upon a time a vicar threw her hands up in the air. She danced like she did not care. And everyone loved it. That is accept a few dullards unable to see the fun and brilliance of celebrating a wedding through dance, who thought expressions of joy were out of place in the house of God.

The Rev Kate Bottley declared the couple man and wife and then began to dance, the couple joined in, then the wedding party, then people dotted around the congregation. The celebration was orchestrated, but it was contagious, more and more people joined in. (Aside from a couple of elderly ladies who clearly decided this was a bit too much.)

It was a stunt. It was an incredible stunt and it worked so well because this was not a hip trendy church in Camden, but a rural Church of England parish. The wonder was in the surprise and authenticity at the same time (I don’t think the fact it was almost certainly planned and practised makes it any less authentic). And it’s had nearly 300 000 views on YouTube. Continue reading