A church is more than timber and stone: on Egypt and not knowing what to think

Protests_in_Egypt_January_2013When President Morsi was overthrown earlier in the summer I knew not what to think. Was this a good thing, a bad thing, or a complicated thing? I wanted to have it decided what I should think, which side I should support. I wanted flash card answers to geo-politics fused with religious tension spanning centuries.

I want the media to tell me what to think. I want the politicians to denounce the bad guys and support the good ones. I want the killing to stop.

When a first hand observer, complete with remnants of shot lodged in his wallet, cannot tell you who started it, and who is on the side of the angels. When confusion reigns, when hopes are extinguished, when lives are taken. I want the killing to stop.

When the US declares it’s cancelling it’s planned joint military exercises, but not its military aid (because that might further destabilise the region), I don’t know whose side they are on. Continue reading