Why do Christians always dance in circles?

Roxy & Koffi's Wedding Today I want to talk about Christian dancing. I’m not talking about the flag waving activity prone to take place in the aisles at more charismatic conferences, but the way that Christians dance.

I’ve heard that using Christian as an adjective is a dangerous business, the confusion of what constitutes Christian music, what is a Christian banker, how can you tag something as Christian and something else as not? Is it the people engaging the activity, or the nature of that activity?

When it comes to the type of dancing I’ve got in mind, no confusion should endure. A similar phenomenon can be witnessed by those without a firm theistic world view but it only ever an imitation of the masterful art form. This is dancing in a circle.

Dante missed a circle out of his literary masterpiece: the Christian dancing circle.

Last night I was at a wedding, and I had a dance. I should confess to my enthusiasm for dancing far exceeding my ability to keep time or coordinate the various parts of my body that might move with speed, and across and over the dance floor. I can be quite the hazard on the dance floor. But I love it. Continue reading