12 things you learn on a bloggers trip

 1. Instagramming your lunch is obligatory


2. The first question in any cafe/restaurant/hotel/airport: is there wifi?

Copyright Rich Wells

Copyright Rich Wells

3. 4 way extension leads are a vital packing requirement. (And that doesn’t make for an interesting photo, so have a shot of two cows.)

13310882063_7423646a3d_b (1)
4. Mosquitos make a satisfied squelch when squashed on a screen. But leave a bit of a smear.

tumblr_n2y2t0LyIa1tvx3cao1_1280 (2)

Copyright Rich Wells

5. Waiting for Buffer to schedule your tweets is a legitimate excuse for being late for breakfast.


6. That meme about wifi being added to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs isn’t a joke. It really is that important. Or at least on this trip.


7. Last minute charging of all devices before a 20 hour journey home.


8. Realising how much of what you want to do is dependent on tech hard to access in the very place you’re visiting to blog about.

9. Realising that if the tech doesn’t work, that’s okay. A blog can wait a few hours, or a day. There’s also such a thing as paper and pencil.

10. Sometimes photos make things look better than the reality (it was still spectacular).

IMG_4346 - Copy (2)

11. Travelling to a part of the world to see the work of a brilliant charity is a privilege and an honour. I have loved it.


12. And seeing Buddhist monks on the back of motorbikes stops being quite so surprising.


If you’ve enjoyed following our trip to Cambodia and want to keep up with how the church in Tonle Bati continues to transform lives, why don’t you give to Tearfund? Donate at www.tearfund.org/bloggers  and you’ll get regular updates on what your money is doing.



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