11 things not to do when walking in the Mourne Mountains

When asked what I should do with my day in Belfast many people suggested I should visit the Titanic Museum. I rejected their advice and headed south at the urging of Pete Phillips.

If you wish to try this yourself I have a few words of advice.

1. Do not begin your walk at 2.35pm in January.

Jan 2014 0722. Do not walk in jeans and shows that have matching holes on the outside of each foot’s toes.

Jan 2014 091

3. Do not expect to stay dry.

Jan 2014 0754. Do not pause in the rain to read the information board explaining the peculiar hut on the other side of the gushing river.

Jan 2014 090

5. Do not walk in the streams that pretend to be paths.

Jan 2014 076

6. Do not think that you’ll be able to take decent photos when your phone won’t even let you tap in your entry code because it and your fingers are so wet.

Jan 2014 073

7. Do not set off with no water and no sustenance except two Cadbury’s Cream Eggs.

Jan 2014 0978. Do not think you’ll ever actually see the top through the mist/cloud/rain/dwindling daylight.

Jan 2014 069

9. Do not get most of the way to the top and then have to turn back because light and inappropriate footwear are about to defeat you.

Jan 2014 080

10. Do not forget that the views are stunning, even on a day such as this.

Jan 2014 084

11. Do not miss out on the Belfast Community Gospel Choir concert which, once I had reached a modicum of dryness, I absolutely loved this evening. 

Jan 2014 095

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